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HVAC & Heating Service and Repairs

With over a decade’s experience in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning and HVAC solutions across London and beyond, The Aircon Company understands just how important it is to ensure those solutions we install are always running at peak performance.

We can Fix any Issues

Thankfully, our air-conditioning and HVAC repair services for domestic and commercial properties are second-to-none. With our HVAC repair services engineers are trusted to deliver on efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Poor Performance

Air flow on a go-slow? Let us help you boost the efficiency of your HVAC heating and cooling and save up to 40% on energy costs,

No Power

No power? No problem! Our expert HVAC team are on hand to get you up and running again when it matters most.

Leaking Water

Persistent leaking for a day or more is a warning sign you could be in need of air conditioner repair. We're ready and able to fix the problem.

Bad Smell

Bad smelling air-con can mean bad news, and caused by a variety of potentially dangerous sources. Trust in us to find and eliminate the problem for good.

Noisy Unit

There's nothing more grating than noisy air conditioning. Keep cool, calm and carry on, by giving us a call to prevent your air-con disturbing the peace.

Gas Leak

Leaking air-con coolant can rapidly evaporate into a gas, causing nausea, skin irritation, dryness, increased heart rate, and in some cases, even asphyxiation. Don't delay.

Air Conditioning Service Price

£150 + VAT

for single unit

£90 + VAT

per unit for multi-splits (one outdoor and multiple indoor units)

£200 + VAT

for ducted units, VRV, VRF

  1. Condensing Units

    1. Examine and clean condenser if necessary or report condition to the Customer.
    2. Clean and examine condensing unit. Ensure all nuts, bolts, screws etc. are fitted and tight. Ensure there is no chafing or rubbing of capillaries tubing etc.
    3. Clean and Examine belt/s (if applicable) & adjust or replace. Ensure blades are secure & in balance. Lubricate motor if necessary.
  2. Evaporator
    1. Examine evaporator block. Ascertain cause of any frost accumulation. Clean if necessary or report condition to Customer.
    2. Clean and examine fan motor/s & blade/s. Ensure blades secure & in balance. Lubricate motor/sif necessary.
    3. Clean or change air filters as necessary.
    4. Ensure drip tray is sound & outlet clear. Any drain faults or blockages to be reported to the Customer.

  3. Electrical & Controls
    1. Check electrical terminal & contacts for tightness & signs of overheating.
    2. Ensure all electrical & refrigeration controls are correctly set & functioning.

  4. Rerigerant Charge

    Check system contains correct refrigerant and charge is correct.

  5. Operation & Performance
    1. Check plant operates correctly without any undue noise and vibration.
    2. Check plant maintains correct temperature and humidity.


  1. INSPECTIONS: This quotation covers the cost of labour only

  2. PARTS: Parts will be charged for at the supplier’s current list price

  3. EXCLUSIONS: This does not include responsibility by the Company for anything not specifically mentioned or previously excluded here. Such as electricity supply, water supply or drainage, repairs to structures of equipment, doors or fittings,complete overhauls, major repairs or replacement of major components or any repairs which cannot be done on Site. Cleaning of evaporators & condensers where major work involving specialist-cleaning equipment is necessary.

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