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Geothermal Energy

Earth-friendly heating

Paying too much on your heating, cooling and hot water bills? Geothermal makes the most of geothermal warmth at remarkably high efficiencies.

Geothermal Energy For Your Home

Geothermal heating and cooling systems can help homeowners take advantage of underground temperatures using a piping system.

The Aircon Company’s Geothermal energy solutions work to provide geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies – by circulating and exchanging heat between your home, the ground source heat pump, and the earth.

A geothermal energy set-up could help you save as much as 80% compared to a traditional HVAC system.

Geothermal Solutions


Throughout the winter, geothermal heating systems are designed to absorb any heat stored in the ground through the water that circulates in its underground loop. This heat is then sent as warm, comfortable air throughout your home. 

Hot Water

Geothermal heat pumps or ground-source heat pumps, heat, cool, and supply hot water to a home by transferring heat to or from the ground. This technology is already seeing many customers cutting their energy bills by up to 65% in comparison with traditional HVAC units.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems are designed to absorb heat from your home and transfer it to the underground loop where it’s then absorbed by the cooler earth. The geothermal heat pump uses the cool water returning from the ground to create cool, dehumidified air-conditioning for your home.

Reap the benefits of Geothermal Energy

Save Money

Geothermal heating offers reduced operating costs and can give you potential savings on your insurance,


Temperature control is available in winter, summer, and all-year-round for home hot water usage,


Geothermal solutions can reduced Greenhouse gas emissions by as much as two thirds.

No Smell

No odours are released with this type of a heating system, so it's ideal for allergies or sensitivities to noxious gases and poor air quality.


There is much less risk of the harsh effects of nature, because all the equipment is inside the building.


Geothermal is non-flammable so there's no need for fuel storage.

Saving £££ for new homes and large-scale renovations

When it comes to the environment and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, both geothermal heating and cooling systems really deliver – no more so because Geothermal heat pumps as much as 50% less electricity than traditional heating and cooling systems. Geothermal energy homeowners can save as much as 80% on a home heating bill and upwards of 50% on cooling bills.

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